About Boltfish Recordings

Boltfish Recordings specialised in electronic music. It closed its doors to new releases in 2015, but this website serves as an archive of its activity during its 11 years of operation.

Many Boltfish releases were available on CD but most are still available digitally. The best place to stream or buy some of our past releases is Bandcamp.



A series of free releases are still available from Bandcamp, Archive.org and Soundcloud. Find out more on the releases page.

Featured Releases

Fable and Fantasy

'Fable and Fantasy' by Mint

Mint's fourth studio album, offering 12 tracks of lush electronica, cinematic soundscapes and upbeat melodies.

Available Digitally.

Mercury Scales

'Mercury Scales' by Various Artists

The second Boltfish Recordings compilation featuring 13 tracks of deep electronica from artists around the globe.

Still available on Digipak CD & Digitally.

Cardboard Rocketships

'Kunzite' by Yvat

Yvat's stunningly produced, dark and brooding album offering 12 tracks of textures and melodic experimentation.

Available Digitally

Region Zero

'Region Zero' by Various Artists

The original Boltfish Recordings sampler compilation, featuring tracks from Boltfish favourites and others such as Ochre. A true classic.

Still available on Digipak CD & Digitally.

A Memento for Dr Mori

'A Memento for Dr Mori' by Winter North Atlantic

Winter North Atlantic’s debut release on Boltfish Recording - a stylish fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments.

Available Digitally.