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Launched in January 2004, Boltfish Recordings was founded and run by Cheju and Mint, long time friends and musical collaborators. Their exploration into experimental sound dates back as far as the mid-1980s and they have been actively involved in music production ever since.

Boltfish was a label specialising in electronic music. Its core years of operation were 2004 - 2015.

We released music on CD (available direct and through selected retailers worldwide), via Digital Download (both direct and through a variety of online retailers such as iTunes, Beatport and Napster) as well as a series of completely free digital releases and via streaming services. All releases are still available in some form, mostly digital, through major retailers or to stream on Bandcamp, Spotify or similar services.

From its inception in January 2004 Boltfish released its music regularly, building an extensive catalogue, including albums, EPs and compilations, from artists across the globe. Many items were produced in limited physical editions whilst permanently being available in digital format.

Selected releases were accompanied by Promotional Videos, DVDs and other media.

For further information about our music please view the releases page or take a look at our faqs.

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