City Rain

City Rain began as Ben Runyan, hailing from Philadelphia, U.S.A. Since his early releases on Boltfish Recordings, City Rain has seen several lineup changes but has always maintained Runyan at its centre.

For Boltfish Recordings, Runyan produced glitchy melodic electronics. His first release on Boltfish Recordings was entitled "Light Turned On".

His influences came from the likes of Trentemoller (first and foremost), Robert Babicz, BT, and others that embrace organic electronic music.

City Rain’s early music combined a strong passion for emotive melodies with highly developed production skills, a perfect synthesis of sensitive musicality and studio trickery. Radiant synth melodies, acoustic guitar, soft textures and field recordings rub shoulders with warm elastic basslines, crisp beat production and complex glitchy edits.

Runyan was involved in several 'Laptop battles' in the USA where he achieved top placings.

Releases, Compilations & Remixes on Boltfish