Lum's basement was the happy home of one twisted obsessive, sunlight-deprived audio experimentalist and he cordially invited you back into his darkened studio to examine the delicious crudity of his extremely abrasive style.

An indelicate collection of drones, harmonics, clicks and feedback that confront reality in a decidedly disrespectful manner. An exploration into electronic and organic sound manipulation. A unique collection of meticulously produced eclectic, morphing and shapeshifting electronica, that ranges in style from extreme experimentation to pleasant melodies to minimalist soundscapes.

Previous Lum releases included the ‘Glow’ e.p. for clickclickdrone and appearances on ‘blue chair red chair’ (Clickclickdrone) and ‘Red Planet 2’ (Laverna). Lum also ran the now defunct experimental electronic label Filament Recordings.

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