October Man

October Man are Dave and Jay, based on the outskirts of Durham City (UK). They began recording in 2003, inspired by the Babybird box set ‘The Original Lo-Fi.’

They produce softly emotional electronica with elements of live instrumentation, subtly treated found sounds and samples, melodic synth lines and crisp beats.

Dave and Jay also ran October Man Recordings, which released limited edition electronica and electro-acoustic CDRs in lovingly handmade packaging.

Previous October Man releases include the ‘magnetic culture ep’ and ‘tests for colour blindness’ album on their own label, ‘cynical days ep’ on clickclickdrone, ‘removal from disturbances ep’ on lacedmilk technologies, and part two of Quiet Records’ ‘quiet clams’ series. Their tracks have also appeared on compilations from October Man Recordings, clickclickdrone and Boltfish’s ‘Mercury Scales.’

Releases, Compilations & Remixes on Boltfish