Sabi (aka Taro Peter Little) is an U.K./JP mixed-race artist/designer born in London in 1980.

He is now based in Tokyo/Japan. He holds a master's degree in graphic design and is studying music in the master's course at Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai).

He has contributed tracks to several labels: Hydrogen Dukebox ('Rewired in My Manor'), Merck ('Aurora2', 'Doubledown', 'Mergerz & Acquisitionz'), Cactus Island Recordings ('Nebulous Sights EP'), Moph, Phaseworks and a few net-labels like Sutemos ('Intelligent Toys' series), Monotonik, Kahvi etc.. since the very end of 90's.

Of special note: "71:36", the split album collaborated with Kiyo -known for his album "Chaotec Odd Echo" from Schematic- had awarded "The Best New Artist" and "Best Abroad" by iTunes U.S. and iTunes JP.

His music style is basically ambient: using electronic sounds, pianos (including prepared), strings, materials sampled and grained, etc..

2010 saw his first release on Boltfish Recordings - the album "Glued on Thin Memories".

Releases, Compilations & Remixes on Boltfish