Plamen Marinov, aka Sektor became fond of the electronic sound at an early age. He has been producing IDM, Electronica and Experimental music since 2001.

Formerly he used to play music as a DJ, but with a growing interest in sequencing he decided to leave behind the turntables. He develops his skills together with his friends, participates in forums and discussions, and makes his brutal experiments at home.

He organises some local events and has performed live at these. A constant change of place for his music creation reflects in different ways in his productions.

After his debut on Tonatom in the middle of 2004, a small ep on Uran97 and a split ep with ILI on Camomille music, he then released albums on kahvi collective -"under the moonlight","embrion dream" and "Iloe", plus the forthcoming "sektor-colour variations" on the same netlabel. He has also released 2 digital albums -"Nostalgia Ep" and "Koli", distributed from several online shops such as Beatport, ITunes and others, via Kahvi records.

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