Skytree is Evan Snyder from Minnesota, USA.

He started recording music at the age of 15, after the loan of a beaten Tascam tape deck cracked open the world of multi-track recording. Rough mix tapes followed, looping degraded swatches of guitar and keys over cheap drum machines. The Skytree name found its way onto mixes by accident, yet remained, suggesting a sound both old and new, at once rooted in the Earth and lost in the clouds.

Ten years later, Snyder is still actively crafting that sound (though Tascam has given way to Ableton). Mix tapes have shifted into full EPs, LPs and remixes through labels such as Benbecula, Earstroke, Tympanik Audio and Herb Recordings. After several relocations, the studio has expanded from old keyboards to an array of instruments that Snyder plays "within varying degrees of mediocrity", including the dulcimer, guitar, bass, pan flute, penny whistle, harp, zither, didgeridoo, djembe, harmonica and a Korg MS-2000 synth on loan from Minnesota rave legend, DJ ESP.

2010 saw his first release on Boltfish Recordings - the album "Hyphae".

Releases, Compilations & Remixes on Boltfish