Taborshell is Chris Massey, based in London, UK.

His music is an elegant mixture of glitches, stuttering beats and melodies. In part mechanical, with an electro edge, but also warm and atmospheric.

He has been involved in music production and creation since 2005 when he finally took the plunge and decided to make his own contribution to the electronic melting pot that is ‘glitch’. His core approach involves destruction, experimentation, and re-composition – in that order, stating that "Conception is an ongoing process."

"I have an initial direction, or at least a vague idea about what I want to produce, but more often than not the final product of my labour is strikingly different to my initial edits. And it’s through this direction that I hope my music develops and grows. Consideration and reinterpretation is paramount in this process.

"The Tandem Series 6 release exhibits four tracks that attempt to develop these ideas. It’s fair to say my work is never quite complete, at least in my mind, but essentially I hope a sense of optimism is perceived. Each track attempts to offer the listener a journey; because ultimately that’s all music really is – a euphonic wrist watch counting us through our own individual journeys."

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