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Yvat is a composer and producer of angular textured electronica, based in Bucharest, Romania.

A professional sound designer for more than 10 years, Yvat currently works within the sampling industry as a producer for Ueberschall and Power FX. He has a catalogue of over 20 solo releases and has appeared on several compilations, and also collaborates with visual artists, creating soundtracks for installation and video works. His music is mature and highly developed, yet retains a fresh and experimental edge, constantly shifting in terms of its themes and expression.

The artist’s debut album, ‘Concert for Violin and Analog Orchestra’ was released in 2003 on Experimental Seafood Records (UK). A symphony for heavily processed violin lines and analogue synthesizer tones, this was the first in a series of four works to use the structures of classical music, retaining and processing a single traditional instrument and replacing the others with synthesized sound. This project received positive reviews and airplay on John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show and BBC Radio 3’s Mixing It.

Later release such as ‘Blue Cones’ (2006, SubliminalTapeClub) and ‘Chroma’ (2006, ±G6PD) embraced more electronic tendencies and IDM influences, with complex beat patterns and overlapping layers of texture. With ‘Tear Duct’ (2007, Cactus Island), the artist introduced melodic hues to the former geometric sound of his music, and ‘Gliae’ (2008, ±G6PD) and the ‘Mentation’ series of three 3" CD releases (2008, Envizagae) added a more aggressive and glitch-inclined approach.

Yvat’s work for Boltfish Recordings shows a continued refinement of his sound through a combination of complex glitchy beat programming, darkly atmospheric textures and subtle melodic elements.

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