Artist: Polestar
BOLT014: Camplex e.p.
Release date: 25th March 2005
Format: CD and Digital


Polestar's first release on Boltfish Recordings is an instant classic.

"...get out there and grab this EP before it grabs you!"

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  1. Moonbounce
  2. 8b12
  3. A Poke in the Eye
  4. This Field of Beats

All tracks © Polestar/Boltfish Recordings 2005

Reviews - 15/07/05
"The four tracks on Camplex run the gambit of light to darker. It starts with a skittering beat and melodic repetition. Instead of a monochrome thump, there's an unfolding texture that keeps the inner eye interested. The nether-regions get fed, too. There's a funkiness, a danceability that sneaks through again and again. This is particularly true on the final track, with a darker edge racing the pulse. On the second track there's even a bit of Debussy to put the Intelligent into IDM. By golly, the combo works! In fact, every selection bears repeated listening and, with a good sense of composition behind it, extra listens are rewarded.

In sum, this is nice little sample of electronic potential, lovingly released on the Boltfish label. Doesn't leap ahead to the edge like more innovative contemporaries. Certainly doesn't embarrass either. This being an EP, I was left wanting more and wondering what a full platter might sound like. No better compliment then that, no?" Read the whole review

etherreal - 15/04/05
Excerpted from original French review
"New signing on the fresh netlabel Boltfish Recordings, Polestar is the Englishman Jon Elliott who gives us, as usual on the label managed by MINT, some rather tasty melodic electronica. "

"Although very short (four pieces and less than twenty minutes), Camplex EP begins with Moonbounce which enables us immediately to adopt Polestar within the great family of talented craftsmen engraving melodic electronica as captivating as it is melancholic, with fine and significant melodies...."

"Camplex EP has the merit to enchant us... in particular with the impressive Moonbounce. " Read the original review

Avantfolk - 03/04/05
Translated from original Spanish review
"Polestar, Bristolian Jon Elliot's project, makes it's debut in the form of an ep for English netlabel Boltfish, offering melodic idm with an inherent rythmical pulsation of old-school electro and much more in between (as we're used to with Boltfish), arriving at Kraftwerk or Cabaret Voltaire. Mirroring the classic Warp sound of the early '90s (The Black Dog, Autechre, Lfo, B12...), the four tracks on 'Camplex' offer quick rhythmical breaks, on which Jon layers smooth synthetic Detroit techno sounds. In spite of clinical structures, the playful melodies produce certain emotive qualities ('8b12' and its atmospheric phases), cuts of sweetened sadness ('A poke in the eye') and nods to more retro electro (' This field of beats')." Read the original review

Big Takeover - Issue#56
"Bristol, UK's Jon Elliot is Polestar. A one-man purveyor of glitchy, melodic goodness. Comprised of four short tracks, it's tough to really say much beyond this: Polestar has a heart beating in the machine.
Each composition has memorable (and warm) core melody that never gets submerged or upstaged by the secondary scraping and bleeping. 'Moonbounce' has a terrific, lulling intro that could be the opening theme of a film. By the time the gentle '8b12' passes, and the serene 'Field of beats' closes'll be feeling satisfied. Morr Music's one to keep an eye on."

Rockerilla - 22/03/05
Translated from original Italian Review
"Essential for all lovers of IDM comes the debut from Polestar, from Bristol, UK. Four fresh, thoroughly rich tracks combining epic and romantic bass with crisp silicon rhythm to punctuate this futuristic dance. Goodness knows why people still believe that Richard D. James is the master of this genre: many students have at this point exceeded it, and Polestar is one of these." - 09/03/05
"Approaching this as a complete outsider i found myself completely entranced by the first track Moonbounce. Its the kind of track that makes you imagine yourself in a particular situation; my example would be sitting on a bus and watching the world go by. The fast tempo and gentle sounds offer a contrast in styles in the one track.

The first track runs seamlessly into the second; 8b12. Passing like the bus journey you're entered into a much calmer sedate mood. Pleasant clicks and beeps and other sound effects integrate well with the atmosphere the track tries to present.

A Poke in the Eye has a more Orbital / Hux Flux sound to it. Quicker tempo than Moonbounce you cant help feel that Mr Elliot is deliberately trying to juggle emotions from track to track. I'm finding it really hard to seperate the four tracks but this is no bad thing.

The arrival of the end of the EP is signaled by the sound of what seems like the chime of a lone triangle, followed by a 80s-esque electro beat. A suiting finish as the end credits roll, laser blasts and snares. It's been an education and a lesson I wont forget." Read the whole review (requires registration) - 01/03/05
"While Bristol-based Jon Elliott may have been weaned on a diet of Kraftwerk and Cabaret Voltaire, the disc's four tracks show him holding the Warp torch high with Plaid in particular helping him do so. Exploiting contrast effectively, Elliott typically offsets swaying rhythm patterns of percolating clicks, thrums, and throbs with the ascending arch of silken orchestral washes, the lovely opener "Moonbounce" a prime exemplar of his approach. The feel throughout is cinematic and atmospheric." Read the whole review

Electronic Desert - 26/02/05
""Camplex EP" a lovely piece of music by Polestar soon to be released (Mar 2005) on the unstoppable Boltfish label. The flawless programming of beats, lush sounds, heaps of that all important bass and the overall warmth characterising this particular label’s sound is demonstrated to the fullest by Polestar on this his four-track debut release.

The 1st track "Moonbounce" immediately sets the standard with compelling forward movement and melody. The 2nd track "8b12" got crisp beats, laid on a foundation consisting of deep bass and flowing washes of synthetic sounds. The slightly offbeat setting adds to the groove. Simply lovely!

The 3rd track "A poke in the eye" is starting with strong melody and some beats sprinkled on top, the track then evolves as more elements are added like a processed quire sets the background. And a beautiful sadness emanates from "A poke in the eye" and it’s a quite beautiful sadness at that, oh thou melancholy.

The aptly titled "This field of beats" is the 4th track and it concludes the EP. It’s a treat, somewhat nostalgic sounding, but not in any alarming way, quite the contrary. With solid electroisch beats accompanied by retrofitted lightweight bassline and great atmospheric soundscapes all progressing hand-in-hand in a very pleasant way. In likeness with "Slow Poke" the "Camplex EP" is also fitted with Boltfish’s new thick soft CD-packaging. This debut from Polestar is promising to say the least and Polestar fits the Boltfish roster like a snug driving glove."

Leonards Lair- 25/02/05
"From Bristol, a short but sweet EP from Jon Elliott, the latest in a long line of solo electronic performers. Polestar is certainly one of the better exponents, adding warmth to his complicated array of glitchy beats. Importantly, tunes are also high on the agenda. That much is clear from the moment the CD plays; 'Moonbounce' is a serene beginning and - like the next track '8b12' - it's the kind of comfort needed at this time of the year whilst the winter season thrives outside. In addition, the melancholic edge to 'This Field Of Beats' is a fine way to end proceedings." Read the whole review

Voices from Downtroddendom - 17/02/05
"On this new EP, Polestar takes a leaf out of Leaf’s book with four tracks of melodic, melancholic electronica. Polestar inhabits dance’s outer fringes – a subdued place where the warm crackle and hum of abstract dissonance rules the airwaves, and people hum along to phantom melodies. Polestar operates half a world away from the ambient blandness of many of his contemporaries. Put simply, the ‘Camplex EP’ is a gorgeous cloud of music – prettier than electronic has any right to be."

Igloomag - 12/02/05
(Part of a review combo/feature)
"On Polestar's Camplex EP, Boltfish leaves no leaf unturned. The emotional punctuation of melodies may remind some listeners of Gridlock's ambient tendencies --the sincerity of each beat complimenting each other perfectly. As a glimpse of what to expect from Polestar, this 4-track EP shines bright in the experimental ambient territory. "Moonbounce" and "8b12" are the magnetic swirls of thoughts that pass by in a lifetime, while "A Poke in the Eye" and "This Field of Beats" energizes the masses with synthetic grooves and an appeal towards electro transmissions with razor-sharp rhythms. Polestar is definitely poised to make a difference on the Camplex EP, casting a shadow on the genre by revealing everything that motivates. This field of beats is ripe and ready to implode. Now get out there and grab this EP before it grabs you! "
Read the whole review/feature

Untitledmusic - 06/02/05
"Polestar, aka Jon Elliot unleashes a stunning EP on Boltfish. ‘Moonbounce’ opens the release, with an awesome sense of drama, with an epic orchestral backdrop, building a sense of beauty, whilst electro crackles and beeps offer a driving rhythm to the tune. It’s hypnotic and entrancing, yet mystical too. ‘8b12’ continues with a similar vibe, less manic this time but still beautiful and packed with energy. Other tracks add, more chords, more rhythms and shapes, all adding to the sense of cinematic excellence on this EP."

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