Artist: Karmøy
BOLT016: Landmarks
Release date: 27th May 2005
Format: CD and Digital


Karmøy's second release on Boltfish includes two exclusive mixes of tracks from their first EP by Mint and Cheju as well as an alternative 'Druid' version of the opening track by Karmøy themselves.

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  1. Solafjell
  2. Kopervic
  3. Åkra
  4. Solefjell (Druid Mix)
  5. Pivotal Moments (Mint's Tundra Mix)
  6. Adjunct (Cheju Mix)

All tracks © Karmøy/Boltfish Recordings 2005
Cover illustration/artwork by Murray Fisher


UntitledMusic - 19/06/05
"More from the much loved Boltfish stable. The internet based, free music label that has really begun to gather momentum. The latest offering comes as a six track EP, with a couple of familiar names such a Mint and Cheju doing some remix magic. First up is 'Solafjell' a spacious track with eerie chords and crackling electronica feeding a scene of moody movement and dreamy vibes. 'Kopervic' is an electrified track, with some mesmerising electronica inside its spitting soul. 'Akra' lifts the tempo and builds a nice track with beats and tempo, but with plenty of the soundscape to enjoy. 'Solafjell (Druid Mix)' is again a track loaded with magical sounds and oceans of mellow vibes. 'Pivotal Movements' 'Adjunct (Cheju Mix)' round things off with more cracking electronica."

Airwave Graphics - 05/06/05
Translated from original Japanese
"I admit to having the foolish opinion of opposing Net labels. My experience of Net labels is that they sound like they are giving the music away for free; in other words the label is not making an effort to release a professional sounding production. Add this opinion to the over-saturation of net labels offering free downloads and I find I am struggling to know what I really should be listening to. Then I found this quite good release by Karmoy from Boltfish Recordings. This is apparently Karmoy's second release for the label. The release finds ice-cold breakbeats set against a warm melodic backdrop. Although the release is available for free download there is also a CDr version which contains two extra remix tracks from label owners MINT and CHEjU."

Textura - 01/06/05
"Enigmatic duo Karmøy (the name means "an island which acts as a screen against the sea") presents a distinctive marriage of organic and electronic sounds on Landmarks , a six-track follow-up to 2004's Faded Pictures . The new release features three Karmøy originals plus three remixes, two of which are tracks from the first EP re-interpreted by Boltfish co-owners MINT (Murray Fisher) and CHEjU (Wil Bolton). We're informed that Karmøy's crystalline sound is influenced by the shipyards and fishing port of Stavanger and the industrial city of Haugesund, and certainly the Swiss countryside is suggested by gentle cowbell tinklings in "Kopervic." In general, the group's clean and slightly chilled sound is glistening and bright yet deepened by a brooding undertow.

A melancholy breeze whistles through the delicate "Solafjell" with its Suction-styled backing of shimmying drum machine patterns and sparkling synth layers (Druid later takes the song on a less melancholic stroll in a glissandi-laced remix). In contrast to its retiring ambiance, the soulful "Åkra" drapes atmospheric washes over a rubbery bass line and buoyant beats in uplifting manner. The aforementioned remixes impress too: bathed in showers of reverberant shimmer, MINT gives "Pivotal moments" a stately, house-flavoured 'tundra' mix while CHEjU's "Adjunct" mix leisurely lopes through densely textured thickets."
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Electronic Desert - 18/05/05
""Landmarks" by Karmøy is the next EP to be released on Boltfish (May 2005). It will be Boltfish's 16th release and Karmøy's second (as far as I know). "Landmarks" contains six tracks in total and out of them two have additional producers. It's the label associates Mint and Cheju who pitch in with a track each. Reportedly Karmøy hail from Iceland and consist of two members. On the release in question they display their insights on producing warm forward moving electronic music fitting Boltfish's taste and mission perfectly.

The EP starts of with "Solafjell" a track complete with aptly programmed beats, very engaging bassline and lovely melody. "Kopervic" continues along the same lines with no fuzz beats and a playful bassline carrying the track forward and just a minute hint of glitch. "Åkra" (the capital letter is supposed to look like that) demonstrates more of art of arranging and programming pulsating understated beats. Paying tribute to 808 State, Orbital and the fantastic hay days of analogue bliss maybe? Then comes a mix of the lovely "Solafjell" rearranged beats and altered tempo made in an interesting way. "Pivotal Moments (Mint's Tundra Mix)" contains some really nice beats handling, strings en masse and superb melody, yup, it's yet another very nice Mint production. "Adjunct (Cheju Mix)" concludes the EP and Cheju does what he does best: well-executed programming, melodic construction and quite a lot of atmosphere with a high nostalgic factor fused with high production quality.

With 16 releases so far and a furious release schedule Boltfish is a label that goes from clarity to clarity."

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