Artist: Line Noise
BOLT020: Auralspace Divine e.p.
Release date: 30th September 2005
Format: CD and Digital


The first solo Boltfish release from Line Noise, Florida-based owner & curator of LacedMilk Technologies.



  1. The Sea Glider
  2. Blue Sea Aeveum
  3. Infinitus Victus
  4. Blue Sky Ely Pt I

All tracks © Line Noise/Boltfish Recordings 2005


Rockerilla - December 2005
Translated from original Italian Review
"Rudy Gonzalez lives in Southern Florida, where for some years he has produced electronic music and become known for both downtempo rhythms and breakbeats - elegant sounds that make a beautiful new addition to the English label Boltfish's catalogue. "Auralspace Divine" contains four tracks that whilst playing individually could also be conceived as one track ("The Sea Glider", "Blue Sea Aevum", "Blue Sky Ely Pt I" etc.), and they are a perfect introduction to the art of the young Gonzalez."

Leonard's Lair- 11/11/05
"Rudy Gonzalez is living proof that electronica can be soulful. 'Auralspace Divine' works as a standalone track; only the two second pauses between each part signify the four quarters of the EP but apart from that, the melody from one instrumental is picked up on the next track. The skittering beats and nocturnal atmospheres actually compare favourably to Goldie's drum and bass staple 'Inner City Life' and - allied with some warm melodic synths - it's a tuneful and thoroughly enoyable ride ideal for late night listening." Read the whole review

Tesselate - 08/11/05
"Line Noise has dropped another piece of the pie into the ever filling pie shaped container that Boltish hold, the auralspace divine ep is a cleverly arranged and engaging piece of music, which has that time travelling feel to it, that has you daydreaming into the glow of the monitor. All props to Line Noise." Read the whole review

Angry Ape - 10/10/05
"A new EP for net label Boltfish this month, from veteran online musician Line Noise. Rudy Gonzalez the man behind the project has been creating electronica since around 2000, but to hear the quality of music presented and how many releases this prolific artist already has to his name, you'd be amazed to think Line Noise is little more than a few years old.

Besides running his own net label (the superb Lacedmilk Technologies), Gonzalez releases his music on countless other labels - Camomille and Openlabs instantly springing to mind.

Auralspace Divine is a four track EP of mixed electronica. Starting in true style, The Sea Glider is a track Modern Love would be proud of. Detroit basslines bouncing all over the place, acid tweaks, machine gun percussion, Rhodes and a hybrid of techno, house and electro. Blue Sea Aeveum introduces stammered drum & bass beats, yet closer Blue Sky Ely PtI sees sweeping melodies from gliding synths battling for space with harsh electro beats.

With so many twists, turns and genre swopping, the Auralspace Divine EP can't decide exactly what it wants to be. But if anything, this diversity is the key to Line Noise's excellent and perfectly crafted sound, leaving the EP a collage of atmospherics, emotions and slick production. Worth it for The Sea Glider alone." Read the whole review

Electronic Desert - 01/09/05
""Auralspace Divine" is the debut solo release of Line Noise on Boltfish (Sep 2005). As far as releases in general go Line Noise is far from being a newcomer though, a quick count on affiliated netlabel Lacedmilk Technologies alone ends at six album releases and that's not counting collaborations and aliases. The four track release on Boltfish features some straight-forward beat programming and solid basslines. The first track "The Sea Glider" has a nice build-up dry beats and large amounts of bass molded after the haydays of that good old drum'n'bass and would have been aimed directly for the dance floor in that era. Love the bassline.

"Blue Sea Aeveum" seems to be an edit on the previous track and starts off exactly where the "The Sea Glider" faded out. Excellent piano that is unusually mixed, with a great distance and placed far away in the background of the sonic room and synthesied melodies carry the track forward. "Infinitus Victus" is the favourite and in likeness with "Blue Sea Aaeveum" it starts where the preceding track faded. Lively beats, lushous chords and the fleeing piano are combined with excellent sounds and a great rimshot based break. But the fading out of the ultra heavy bassline is cruel! Fourth and last track "Blue Sky Ely pt.I" is a string-filled story with great bassline and beats to go with them. There's something very familiar about the beats and the way they're treated but I can't put my finger on it at this moment. Anyhow it's a headnodder.

Line Noise contributed with the track "Blue Sky Ely pt.II" on the recently released "Mercury Scales" compilation."

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