Artist: Richard Houghten
BOLT029: Microscopic Jigglings
Release date: 29th June 2006
Format: CD and Digital


Richard Houghten's second solo release on Boltfish progresses from his 2005 electro-acoustic debut "Slow Poke" by combining this style with an upbeat edge. The EP also features a remix from Biotron Shelf, the collaboration between Boltfish owners Mint and Cheju.



  1. All Pieces
  2. Power Slide
  3. 3 Chairs
  4. Salvo (Biotron Shelf Remix)

All tracks © Richard Houghten/Boltfish Recordings 2006


Losing Today - September 2006
"Richard Houghten ‘Microscopic Jigglings’ (Boltfish). Limited to just a miserly 50 copies and pressed up on a dinky 3 inch CD ‘Microscopic Jigglings’ is Seattle based Houghtens follow up to last years well received ‘slow Poke’ set (which to much gnashing of teeth we missed). Across three cuts and a guest remix by those Biotron Shelf dudes (Cheju and Mint) Houghten weaves his multi faceted style calibrating a wealth of styles and moods into the mix, the down tempo ’All Pieces’ which opens the set is a dusky drizzle strewn noire-ish score that seemingly takes inspiration from Copeland’s ominous backdrops that swept throughout ’Wall Street’ and transplants them into the early 90’s Bristol scene while giving them an abstract loosely chilled jazz-tronic facelift. Lighter in contrast ’Power Slide’ could easily be ‘Computer Love’ era Kraftwerk being liberally tousled and tucked by an early New Order and re-jigged by Arthur Baker and bled through with a cortege of jittery beats and impatient impish rhythmic arrangements that jostle, jab and jar for prime affection. The beautifully naughty peek-a-boo childlike charm of ‘3 chairs’ with its cutesy hiccupping samples and playful whirrs and springs belies a lullaby-esque simplicity very much in tune with Raymond Scott. The minimalist sounding ’Salvo’ wraps up the set, remixed (as previously advertised) by Biotron Shelf its endowed with a mooching spy theme like tension a la Harold Budd meets Gnac interrogating an undernourished Henry Mancini score - all wonderful stuff if you ask me and well worth the effort tracking down to call your own.

Leonard's Lair - 19th August 2006
"'Microscopic Jigglings' is the somewhat self-effacing title given to this EP by Seattle-based instrumentalist Richard Houghten. Though it encompasses four tracks, there is plenty of breadth and humanity to Houghten's work, beginning with the pastoral synth melody and real crisp percussion of 'All Pieces'. 'Power Slide' is a much more random number, which is - as Houghten would probably describe it - very "jiggly" indeed. Meanwhile, '3 Chairs' appends jungle noises from the swamp to a sleepy tune. The best is saved to last with 'Salvo' as bundles of static add character to a moody harp melody. As well as being the longest track, it's also the one which packs the greatest punch both emotionally and melodically. Much like many other Boltfish releases, there's essences of other artists like Four Tet but ultimately Houghten's path is a unique one; full of odd twists and unexpected turns."

Electronic Desert - July 2006
""Microscopic Jigglings" is a quite excellent four track EP recently released on Boltfish (JUN 2006) sees Richard Houghten’s second release for the label sees Richard H. extending his musical horizon. On the EP his opting for a healthy dose of beats the opening track "All Pieces" got a lovely live setting on the percussion side and the strings to die for makes this track complete, most definitely my favourite among the otherwise strong tracks. I think it’s safe to say that RH delivers his finest work till this date and that RH’s repertoire is vastly larger than first expected "Microscopic Jigglings" comes highly recommended. Well done!"

Smallfish Records - July 2006
"Boltfish continues to put out classic UK Electronica of the highest quality, caring neither for whether it's trendy or whether it fits into any paticular category. I like that as it shows a certain amount of balls. The release in question is a splendid little EP from one Richard Houghten and features 4 tracks that range from burbling, synthy wanderings to a more chopped up, breakbeat style, via some luscious minimalism with deep strings and crisp percussion. The fourth track is a remix from the combined talents of label owners Mint and Cheju as Biotron shelf and delivers a more glitched out feel with reversed sounds, delicate manipulation of organic tones and a lovely ambience. A great little EP that's well worth seeking out." - 30/06/06
"Following 2005's Slow Poke, Microscopic Jigglings is Seattle-based Richard Houghten's second EP of electronic-acoustic material for Boltfish. "All Pieces" opens the 3-inch disc with a bubbly commingling of acoustic (strings, live drums) and electronic elements, while the more stereotypical "Power Slide" opts for a familiar up-tempo electronic style with animated beats and staccato synth patterns kicking up dust, the Eno-styled synth accents near song's end the best thing about it. Houghten shows more originality in "3 Chairs" where gently propulsive hip-hop breaks accompany string figures and an unusual creaking accent, and then passes the reigns to Biotron Shelf for a restrained, crackle-laden "Salvo" remix filled with atmospheric field noises."

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