Artist: 8yone
BOLT037: Keymotion
Release date: 22nd February 2007
Format: CD and Digital


8yone's first release on Boltfish Recordings, a classic slice of glitchy IDM goodness, originally a limited release 3 inch CD.

Only 50 copies of this release were originally produced and all sold within a few days of release.

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  1. Glück
  2. Glacial Sunburn
  3. Mrrey Chsirtmas
  4. My Cold Sucks!

All tracks © 8yone/Boltfish Recordings 2006/7


Electronic Desert - April 2007
"Lovely four track 3-inch release by a newly found talent named 8yone on Boltfish. Sharing musical commons with label mates like Zainetica and label owners such as Cheju that is mature production techniques and no-frills attitude towards electronic music in combination with great atmosphere. Singling out a favourite? Track four "My Cold Sucks" is by far the best track on the EP, making it another great Boltfish release!"

Smallfish Records - 05/03/07
"Next up in Boltfish's very limited series of 3" CDs comes this little beauty from 8yone. As soon as it begins you can hear the Boltfish quality shining through with a delectable blend of proper Electronica, nicely grooving downtempo-ish beats and a keen ear for melody. Each of the 4 tracks varies the style and you end up with an EP that's coherent, warm and extremely accessible (in the best possible way, naturally!) as well as just plain damn good. Can't fault these guys. Quality as ever."

LosingToday - March 2007
"You know how it is - you take your eye of the ball and several crucial Boltfish releases sneak under the wired fence - much to our joy I hasten to add. This little dinky dreamer arrives pressed up as a limited 4 track 3" CD is the debut release from 8yone - better known to friends and relatives as Thuringian resident Mathias Gorf. 8yone has been quietly plying his trade out of societies gaze since 2004 -in that time crafting an absorbing array of aural alchemy. Sadly our copy - notwithstanding our best efforts - only plays the first two cuts I’m afraid - believe you me we have tried this cutie on every known appliance in the singled out shed including the toaster - which given it got a tad frisky maybe wasn’t the best idea we’d had that day - I suspect that future servings of cheese on toast will never again be the same in our gaff. That said from the two available cuts we did manage to rescue offer a rather dandy array of sumptuously worked lunatic symphonies. ‘Gluck’ kicks off the set - longingly wrapped in swathes of cathedral-esque ambience and freckled with the type of shy eyed wonder that tugs delicately upon your heart strings, like lonesome transmissions into galactic voids this sweetly fostered orphan playfully sighs and coos amid spongy backdrops of milky mellowness and recurring flashbacks of fading memories. ‘glacial sunburn’ is as about as perfect a title as I’ve ever known, sums it up perfectly sounding as it does like a particularly homely ISAN snuggling up to Plone with a loosely minimalist Wagon Christ overseeing the arrangements. Threaded through with bulging squelch like beats that skip, skitter and stutter over minimalist binary coded love notes. Well worth further investigation."

Leonard's Lair - 5th March 07
"8yone is the unusual name chosen for Mathias Gorf's electronic project and this four track EP represents the first recorded fruits of his labour. 'Glück' may well be the German word for happiness or luck but the feeling of unease evoked suggests a touch of irony. 'Glacial Sunburn' features precise beats with yet more Boards Of Canada-style eeriness in the background; a common occurence for anyone familiar with Boltfish's roster of artists. Moving on to the third track, 'Mrreychsirtmas' is a pleasant but rather middling 80s electro piece whilst the more up to date finale 'My Cold Sucks!' seems to be building up into something quite dramatic but is content to bubble along menacingly and is, frankly, all the better for it."

Angry Ape - March 2007
"Another month and another great release from London label Boltfish and yet again they've come up tops with this EP - a four track 3" CD by German artist 8yone. Boltfish have labelled Keymotion as "a classic slice of glitchy IDM goodness" and they aren't wrong. Considering this is also a debut release for 8yone, the quality of music on board the EP is excellent and Mathias Gorf is not short of ideas.

Take opening track Gluck for example, with its loops of crunchy hip-hop-esque beats, techno inspired percussion and shoe-gazing ambience, it's a real treat for electronica fans taking-in all kinds of influences and blending them into his own style. Second track Glacial Sunburn looks to the influence of two classic names, absorbing Boards Of Canada style synths and merging them effortlessly with the skewed electro bips and beats of Bitstream at their best.

The dyslexic-titled Mrrey Chsirtmas is a lesson in old skool electronics. The pretty synths, slowed beats and gentle sounds of percussion are the kind of thing Ai Records or Toytronic were making in the late 90's. Lastly, the name of My Cold Sucks! couldn't be more fitting for the moody closer. Like slow-motion drum 'n' bass, the beats are lethargic and the teeth-grinding bass is delightfully dirty.

All in all, 8yone has produced a really diverse EP that should appeal to any IDM / electronica fan. For a debut he's definitely hit the mark and his full potential is yet to be realised - something we can look forward to on future releases."

Gridface - February 2007
"Limited to a mere 50 copies, but thankfully available digitally on Beatport, this EP proves Boltfish is on an IDM roll. 8yone offers four tracks of understated, classic electronics. I could tell I was in for a treat when the beat kicked in on Glück. "Glacial Sunburn" is a simple analogue synth tune. "Mrrey Chsirtmas" [sic] is bouncy and percussive. Finally, "My cold sucks!" breaks things down with glitchy feedback while delicate bells flit over top."

Igloomag - 24th February 07
"If you're wanting some melodic IDM with a tiny bit of grit, you could do a lot worse than Keymotion. In all honesty it's probably worth getting just for "Glück" on its own." Read the whole review

Barcodezine - 22nd February 07
"...Glück – a ghostly electronic track, with extra attention paid to layered percussion and frosty key lines..."

Vital Weekly - 17th January 07
"Behind 8yone is one Mathias Gorf, of whom I don't know anything. Being on Boltfish Recordings means that his music can be found in the areas of 'intelligent dance music', and his four pieces won't disappoint the curious listener who is open for all things intelligent and danceable. The usual atmospherical keyboards, the bouncing rhythms, melancholy. Nothing quite new under the sun, but clocking at twenty minutes with four tracks that are all quite alright, this is actually a very nice release."

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