Artist: ENV(itre)
BOLTDIGI011: Fervenn
Release date: 28th May 2009
Format: FREE Digital


ENV(itre) returns to Boltfish Recordings with a beautiful 3 track EP. Opening track 'A Shade of Putrid' combines dark glitchy beats with some deep and brooding synth work, while 'Not Mot Plod' pits heavier splintered drum programming against some gorgeous melodic tones, and closer 'Cumf Lad' is classic IDM with a twist of hip hop and some lovely atmospheric textures.

As usual, this release is available to download for free from and LastFM


  1. A Shade of Putrid
  2. Not Mot Plod
  3. Cumf Lad
© The artist/Boltfish Recordings 2009


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