Artist: amorph
BOLTDIGI016: Midsummer
Release date: 26th August 2010
Format: FREE Digital

Description & Download

amorph presents a 4-track breakbeat driven EP as part of our FREE MP3 series.

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© The artist/Boltfish Recordings 2010
Cover photo by Lize Rixt

"Amorph’s debut album entitled ‘Etats d’esprit’ was released on Boltfish in 2007. This four track EP ‘Midsummer’ sees Amorph return in form on the very same label. There’re four tracks of delightful breakbeats of the nicest persuasion. It’s been stated here before and it can very well be stated again, good music does not have to belong to a musical journalist’s newest invented sub-genre to be good. Hey, at the end of the day, good music just has to fulfil the requirement of being good! The ‘Midsummer’ EP is all that and more and it is what you’re looking for, it’s a breakbeat treat. The track ‘Sunrise’ is the ultimate testament, come 2010 and you get perfectly laid down beats, flawless production and execution and triggering an automatic replay, what can I say, but, that it’s an excellent track! I just wish, imagine that I actually would under any circumstance hear this track being played out, once, and no that’s not going to happen anytime in the near future, and frankly that is just a shame…