Artist: Obfusc (DJ/Mixer)
BOLTDIGI023: Boltfish Recordings Showcase 4
Release date: 29th March 2012
Format: FREE Digital


A special installment in Boltfish Recordings’ series of free mp3 downloads, with a 50 minute showcase mix of tracks from the Boltfish catalogue, selected and mixed with additional field recordings and ambient elements by Obfusc.

As with our other showcase mixes, this release is available to stream via Mixcloud and is also free to download from, Soundcloud and Bandcamp


  1. Sabi - I L V III
  2. Skytree - Lake Language
  3. City Rain - A Familiar Warmth
  4. Biotron Shelf - Clockwork Pharmacy
  5. Yvat - Clypeaster
  6. Z-Arc - Theta Sigma
  7. Polestar - Music for Abandoned Factories
  8. Milieu - Lazer Rinq
  9. Cheju - Moiré
  10. Richard Houghten - Going To Go Now
  11. Electricwest - The Nightshift
  12. Obfusc - Hologram Grip
  13. Mint - Whispering Gallery
  14. BTB - Sweet Lysoform
© The artists/Boltfish Recordings 2008-12
Cover photography by Joseph X Burke


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