Infinite Scale

London-based artist Infinite Scale produces melodic electronic music with hip hop and ambient elements.

He favours a predominantly hardware-based setup in the studio, with an emphasis on outboard synths and effects for a warm sound and hands on approach.

This philosophy extends to his live sets - Infinite Scale gigs are played out from an akai mpc2000xl sampling drum machine, effects rack and mixer, no laptop.

The artist’s debut ‘Sound Sensor’ ep was released on Toytronic in early 2005, and was described by Boomkat as "an amblicated cold-fusion of electronica, electro, hip-hop and IDM all of which are coaxed into an effervescent whole."

Since then, Infinite Scale has released "Automated Compositions" on Boltfish Recordings, as well as his debut album with Rednetic Recordings.

Releases, Compilations & Remixes on Boltfish