Artist: Infinite Scale
BOLT025: Automated Compositions
Release date: 24th February 2006
Format: CD and Digital


Following on from his debut 'Sound Sensor' e.p. for Toytronic in 2005, Infinite Scale's first release on Boltfish is a cohesive storybook of carefully crafted melodic electronic music, which ranges in style from soundtrack atmospherics to crunchy electronic hip hop to breaks-infused IDM.

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  1. Leaving For Another Day
  2. My Aquatic Life
  3. The Wind Does Not Always Blow
  4. The Painted Audience (Never Fail You)

All tracks © Infinite Scale/Boltfish Recordings 2005/6


DJ Magazine - Issue 413
"Infinite Scale returns with his follow up to ‘Sound Sensor’, which was released on Toytronic with this 4 track Ep, for Boltfish Recordings. It is actually their 25th release and if played and heard in the right places it could well become an experimental downtempo classic. The four tracks cover a range of styles but the overall sound is at large, ambient electronica with ample helping of breaks, glitch and found sounds with ‘My Aquatic Life’ bringing the most pleasure with its’ melancholy but happy beats reminiscent of somewhere between Brian Eno and Aphex Twin."

AngryApe - 14th March 2006
"This is another exciting EP from inspiring electronica label Boltfish. Automated Compositions is the second EP by Infinite Scale, after his storming Sound Sensor release for Toytronic in 2005. Compositions is everything you'd expect from Boltfish, after their consistent run of high-grade releases, with Scale fitting in comfortably with the label's outstanding roster.

The four tracks offered are a mixed bag of styles, soaking in everything from ambient, hip-hop and electronica. Tracks like My Aquatic Life are classic Toytronic, taking on layers of crunchy beats and melodic synths. The Painted Audience meanwhile, is a beat-free and playful tune with bouncy synths that recall Back To Basics or the News From The Past EP by Gimmik.

The Wind Does Not Always Blow is a lush demonstration of dreamy ambience, with atmospheric synths and sweeping, stretched strings over Alias style hip-hop beats. The epic opener of Leaving For Another Day however, is where Infinite Scale truly excels, brandishing a hypnotic blend of deep bass and sprawling layers of built up rhythms.

A proud addition to a label which goes from strength to strength with each release, Automated Compositions is a dark and addictive collection of tracks that ranks as highly as any electronica veteran."

Leonard's Lair - March 2006
"Reliably finding new acts who prosper in the field of downbeat electronica, Boltfish Recordings appear to be on to another winner with Infinite Scale. The title to 'Automated Compositions' may suggest music devoid of human qualities but the processes on this record suggest heartbeats rather than just plain old beats. The actual track titles are far more accurate with each instrumental evoking a sense of longing to be somewhere else. In this way, 'My Aquatic Life' hints at underwater mystery whilst the calm serenity of 'Leaving For Another Day' communicates the loneliness of a long distance traveller. Like the best ambient music, this London-based artist achieves a rare sense of poignancy with his wordless compositions."

Smallfish Records - March 2006
"Boltfish deliver yet another lovely example of classic Electronica here with a 4-track EP from Infinite Scale (previously to be found on Toytronic). Delightfully melodic and full of lush atmospheres, it uses a downbeat style with the beats that's half crunch and half breakbeat. Ambient pads and chords really soothe you but the rhythms really pick it up from time to time. If you're a fan of Cactus Island, Toytronic or Clickclickdrone you'll seriously want to check this little beauty out. Recommended."

Tesselate - March 2006
""The wind does not always blow" takes you on one of those rich and luscious journeys into places you have been before but have forgotten about."

"A gleaming patchwork of universes and supernovas in a bitesize package. Recommended." Read the whole review

Textura - March 2006
"Automated Compositions, Infinite Scale's first Boltfish EP (and sequel to 2005's Sound Sensor debut on Toytronic), offers in many respects pretty much what one might expect: reverberant soundscapes that merge IDM, techno, glitch, and hip-hop into pretty glistening wholes. The major characteristic that gives the London-based artist's music its distinctive fingerprint is its nuanced fusion of ambient with hip-hop; pieces sparkle with a customary ambient gleam but their softness is offset by the grime of downtempo breaks. The EP's third and most memorable piece, "The Wind Does Not Always Blow," pushes the concept furthest when sweeping washes stretch across huge expanses while simmering drum'n'bass pulses percolate below. Admittedly, Infinite Scale's music is polite and might attract more attention if it were a little less behaved. Having said that, there's also no disputing the quality of its understated craft."

Electronic Desert - 26/02/06
"Another new signing and for Boltfish that goes by the name: Infinite Scale. "Automated Compositions" is a 4 track EP with warm lush sounds displaying superb production techniques. The four tracks are: "Leaving for Another Day" "My Aquatic Life" "The Wind Does Not Always Blow" and "The Painted Audience (Never Fail You)". If I were to single out a track it would be the third "The Wind Does Not Always Blow" for its excellent subbass, crisp beats and massive strings. You guessed it the instant pressing on the replay button is as welcomed as it is an involuntary movement! BOLT025 has arrived and the only question remaining to be answered is: when are you going to own a copy? "

Etherreal - 22nd February 2006
Translated from original French Review
"Discovered thanks to a EP released last year on Toytronic, Infinite Scale returns, eleven months after, with new vigour, this time on Boltfish Recordings. You may note in passing that Mint and Cheju's label now only offers its releases on CD-R (and not mp3 too, as was the case previously). Rather a courageous option at the moment when small English electronica labels are having tough times (Neo Ouija has just closed its doors and Toytronic has decided to move to all-digital, giving up releases on disc).

Composed of three long pieces (more than seven minutes) and one shorter one, Automated Compositions is electronica that has both subtle strength and gently melody from Harmi Palda. So, musically and in particular in the choice of various sounds (rhythmically industrial with African consonances, graceful notes and breaks), are the themes found in his previous release, and choosing to continue this style allows the Londoner to develop his ideas and desires further.

Consequently, without being wearied, you pass within the same piece through passages of faint and then constant asynchronous beats. In this way, Infinite Scale leads us through an ethereal atmosphere (end of My Aquatic Life) to bucolic environments that are quickly disturbed by almost hip-hop style rhythms (The Wind Does Not Always Blow). Lastly, the third demonstration of this quasi-ceaseless internal renewal, The Wind Does Not Always Blow is allowed to accomodate an elegiac piano after having developed chopped pulsations.

Rounded off by The Painted Audience (Never Fail You) with its subdued notes, Automated Compositions thus confirms all the expectations of a year's work by Infinite Scale; the album will hopefully follow soon and reward his fans."

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