Soutien Gorge

Soutien Gorge

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Soutien Gorge comprises of producer András Hargitai and guitarist Robert Potys.

András Hargitai was born in Budapest, Hungary. He produces music under the name Soutien Gorge, deejays as Banyek (played at more than 30 venues in Hungary since 2002, at Sónar Festival 2004 and Sperm Festival 2007 in Prague), and he owns 2 labels: One is Bitlab Records – founded with Cooler (Chi Recordings, U-Cover), it is supported by internationally well-known artists – and the other is the free netlabel Complementary Distribution. He works as a music critic/interviewer as well. He also has a weekly radio show called VBR in which he selects works from the world of free netaudio music. The show is being aired on 3 FM/netradios in Hungary. He studies English Language and Literature, Aesthetics and Teaching at University.

His music-making career started in the early 90s when he was having fun with tracker softwares and tapes as a child. This process went on, and now he still works in digital, and more recently analogue environments, creating sounds according to minimalistic, polyphonic melody & sequence/loop orientated principles, and and he accompanies all these frequently with Robert Potys' sounds, who is an experienced guitarist.

Tales and early sci-fi like Hungarian cartoons inspire him largely as well: sometimes he even samples them. His general aim with his works is to point out the straightforward fact that technicalism and complicatedness in electronic music is useless without real emotional & valuable content, and even simpler concepts and sound processes can make the listeners elated without feeling ‘basic’ or ‘primitive’. He usually accompanies his music with samples of Hungarian poems, field recordings of public transport and radio as well: He believes, – apart from the poems – the feeling of these recordings expresses his opinion that real & lively culture is present on each & every weekdays of our lives, plus the samples satisfy his healthy patriotism as well.

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