Artist: Soutien Gorge
BOLTDIGI018: Bolida/Hó
Release date: 28th January 2011
Format: FREE Digital


Soutien Gorge return to Boltfish Recordings with another FREE offering of 2 tracks, in a similar vein to 2008's "Szerelmes Nóta/Délutániád", featuring gentle melodies, acoustic guitar and chilled beats.

This free release is available from, Last.FM and Bandcamp.


  1. Bolida
© The artist/Boltfish Recordings 2011
Written by András Hargitai & Róbert Potys between 2009-2010, in Buda & Diósd, Hungary. Guitars in 02 by Róbert Potys. Audio Mastering by András Hargitai
Cover Photo by Dávid Mórász (micro.D)


Featured video for this release

The official video for "Bolida" - available to download with the Bandcamp version of this free release. Video by David Mórász


"Soutien Gorge of Bitlab Records’ fame returns to Boltfish Recordings with another two-track treat of warm and in all aspects cuddly electronic music (JAN 2011).

The ‘Bolida/Hó’ is their third release on Boltfish following the ‘Vízállásjelentés’ 2007 and ‘Szerelmes Nóta/Délutániád’ 2008 releases. Not as friendly as their 2008 release ‘Szerelmes Nóta/Délutániád’, but comparing with a lot of the rest of the down-tempo stuff these days (2011) it’s still a genuinely warm and cuddly experience.

And you get two tracks of well produced warm lush electronic music and the only major question really, is what-ever happened to the ultra-sweet characters appearing on Soutien Gorge’s debut ‘Persze Remixes’ on Bitlab Records dating from 2005? I do hope the little ones are doing alright, in this cold, cold World!"


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