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Just because electronica can be mellow it does not mean the sentiment has to be.

  1. Lives in the East End of London
  2. Is a designer of stuff
  3. Makes electronic music with a laptop
  4. Has released on various labels including: clickclickdrone, enpeg, kahvi, lacedmilk, subvariant, rednetic, octoberman and ivdt
  5. Is Head of Rednetic Recordings
  6. Is right handed, left footed
  7. Grew up in a London commuter belt town
  8. Still waiting for the teleport and beautiful tall brunette replicants
  9. Is rubbish at maths and cant read or write music
  10. Likes football, should play it more despite being rubbish
  11. Is still fed up with commuting on London Underground
  12. Is fed up with the manipulation of the news
  13. Grew up free from TV indoctrination
  14. Was born inbetween star signs
  15. Does not have a favourite colour but a favourite Luminosity
  16. Dislikes biographies, prefers lists

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