Artists: Mise en Scene / dooQ
BOLT030: The Tandem Series 4
Release date: 27th July 2006
Format: CD and Digital


The fourth in this series of split CD releases on Boltfish Recordings, showcasing tracks from two like-minded artists - Israel-based "Miseen Scene" and UK-based "dooQ" (who is also half of 'Soundhacker').



Artist 1: Mise en Scene
1 Under Stretching Frequencies
2 Landscape TV
3 Yoyo
4 Organical Shift
5 e.k.p *
Artist 2: dooQ
6 Januar
7 Prowler **
8 Ekaarian
9 Syfon

All tracks © The artists/Boltfish Recordings 2006
* Featuring Eitan Morgenstern
** Featuring Andre Fry


The Sunday Experience - 7th September 2006
"Recently unearthed from the CD pile - already been out for a week or three but then thats no reason not to track this gorgeous little split release down. The fourth instalment of Boltfishs limited Tandem split series sees the pairing together of Israel based Shay Nassi operating under his Mise en Scene guise and Andy Dolphin - one half of Sound hacker - doing a spot of extra curricula work. Nassi or mise en scene as he prefers to be known here (roughly translated as putting into the scene) serves up five enchanting slices of chilled night time accoutrements opening with Under stretching frequencies - a lulling lunar-esque setting of extra terrestrial promenade pop paraded by longing Martian ice cream vans deliciously transmitting their airily tendered clock work motifs into the lonesome voids of the star filled night sky. Literally made from the same stuff with which they assemble stars - or so it would seem - Landscape TV similarly courts with a sweetly frosted exterior bathed in all manner of delicately playful perky motifs as though someone had snuck into ISANs toy sound workshop under the cover of darkness to tinker about impishly while from the ominous innately intense Yoyo therein the mood visibly chills from being open and amorous into something much more guarded and decidedly darker in texture and outlook. Separated at birth time for Organic Shift with its chattering beats and solace bearing demeanour could easily be a distant cousin to the Bunny mens In bluer skies though scratch a little deeper and youll be rewarded with what sounds like a fusion between Carpenter eeriness and Gnacs Chandler-esque noire-ishness.
Dooq serves up four equally compelling electronic gems though admittedly more obsessed with rhythmic interplays that his split counterpart. A spectral lunatic suite of sorts Januar comes replete with all manner of splintered off kilter funky rhythms that seem to hiccup their way from start to finish while playing home to a subtle rewiring of Budd via Get Carter and delicately spliced throughout the feint decoration of oriental accents inspired youd imagine by Japans Tin Drum its a style revisited again on the closing cut Syfon though to a darker less obvious ambition. Contrast this with the opposite end of the spectrum sparseness of the slightly disturbing and dislocated oddness of Prowler while for me personally Ekaarian holds up as the best cut here - a electronic montage that craftily utilises a positive carnival of seductively exotic Latino rhythms and deliciously aligns them into a veritable spaghetti western like death dance duel of sorts."

Textura - September 2006
"Boltfish Recordings' split series continues with Mise en scene (Shay Nassi from Haifa , Israel) and soundhacker member dooQ, both artists' tracks upholding the label's reputation for well-crafted melodic electronica. Nassi conjoins a commendable predilection for clarity with three-dimensional depth in his five tracks, qualities presumably attributable to some degree to his studies in Practical Sound Engineering at Israel 's Jordan Valley College . He's a man of many moods too, with "Under Stretching Frequencies" sleek, bright, and buoyant while "Yoyo," by contrast, is ominous and foreboding, an aural soundtrack for a journey through an ancient torture chamber.

Though the dooQ project is characterized as "a feeble excuse to spend even more time in the studio playing with toys, widgets n gizmos," the four pieces here sound anything but slapdash. Like Mise en scene, dooQ evidences a broad stylistic range in his material but also an occasional hip-hop influence; "Januar," for instance, offers a superb fusion of bell-like sparkle and downtempo, acoustic bass-led funk rhythms. In addition, the aptly-named "Prowler" slinks surreptitiously through a galaxy of spacey textures and woozy signals, and zither-like tones imbue "Ekaarian" with a vaguely Middle Eastern ambiance despite the presence of snappy breaks."

Leonard's Lair - 13/08/06
"Once again, Boltfish bring together two artists relatively new to the electronica world; the Israel-based Mise En Scene and dooQ, a British-born artist perhaps more well known for being one half of Soundhacker. It is the Haifa inhabitant who kicks events off with some echoed chimes, a few breakbeats and some disorientating distortion. Furthermore, on standouts 'Yoyo' and 'E.K.P.' his nightmarish, unsettling soundscapes prove there's plenty of mileage in shivery electronic music. dooQ is even more experimental, from the jazz rhythms and elegiac melody of 'Januar' to the minimalist, eerie 'Prowler' before emulating Four Tet on 'Ekaarian' and positing busy, imaginative beats into the finale 'Syfon'. Of the four Tandem releases so far, this must be the darkest one to be heard yet."

Smallfish Records - July 2006
"The double-team of Mise En Scene and Dooq (aka one half of Soundhacker) is a good one and once again Boltfish deliver the electronic goods without even breaking into a sweat. Mise's tracks are classically formed UK Electronica style with crunchy, slightly funky beats and some deliciously melodic components. Strings and pads form a lush backdrop to the rest of the elements and this is a must if you like labels such as Expanding and Toytronic. Dooq's tracks are altogether more abstract and feature a lightly jazzy feel that's put to experimental use with clever chops and edits. Essentially this is as melodic as the tracks from Mise, just done in a different way. Swathes of atmopshere and ambience sweep through the tracks and the subtle rhythmic elements groove away very nicely. A great CD that's something of a bargain considering you get 9 tracks! Get it quick."

Electronic Desert - 25/07/06
"Mise En Scene starts off with "Under Stretching Frequencies" a lovely track with a healthy beat and a dose of nostalgia. "Landscape TV" progresses along the same line, slowly and well put together." Yoyo" strikes up a slightly more sinister atmosphere and has dry forward moving beats and interesting sounds. "Organical Shift" is a track that could just as easily have been made by Ola Bergman in his revamped electro heydays and that’s not a bad thing. The last and menacing "E.K.P" ends Mise En Scene’s debut release on Boltfish is an enjoyable one and it promises more to come.

The other artist contributing to this split goes by the name of Dooq and the first offering is called "Januar" a down tempo track consisting of gently played piano fused with thumping bass (the non-powered stringed instrument one) quite excellent. Changing direction in "Prowler" a track that is eerie and has an intro devoid of beats saturated with sounds of overseen solitude quite excellent. "Ekaarian" features unusual choice of stringed instrument fused with straight-forward beats, all to great effect. Ending Dooq’s part of the "The Tandem Series" is "Syfon" a more traditionally sounding down-tempo track, enjoyable nevertheless. It’s BOLT030 and you know you should investigate."

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