Artist: Cheju (Mixer/DJ)
BOLTDIGI005: Boltfish Recordings Showcase 2
Release date: 29th May 2008
Format: FREE Digital


The 5th installment in Boltfish Recordings’ series of free mp3 downloads is a showcase mix of tracks from recent Boltfish releases, mixed by Cheju.

This mix was recorded live at the inSpiral lounge in Camden, London in January 2008, and has since received airplay on Fluid Radio in the UK and Digital::Nimbus Radio in the USA.

As usual, this release is available to download for free from and LastFM


  1. Zainetica - Daylight
  2. Obfusc - Before We Lose Our Legs
  3. Soutien Gorge - Madarka
  4. Amorph - Childhood
  5. Preston - Time
  6. Z-Arc - 40 Microns
  7. btb - Life to b#
  8. Z-Arc - Refracted
  9. Env(itre) - Echinus
  10. 8yone - Glück
  11. BTB - Building a Better Life Through Living
  12. Preston - Dependo
  13. BTB - I Have Diagrams and Mushrooms
  14. City Rain - Click Clack
  15. Env(itre) - Wierarun
© The artists/Boltfish Recordings 2007/8
Cover photography by Murray Fisher


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