Cheju is Wil Bolton, UK-based composer and producer of experimental melodic electronica, and co-owner of Boltfish Recordings. His style is a mixture of warm synth tones, crunchy broken beats, and layered atmospheric textures.

He has released albums on Boltfish Recordings, U-Cover, Unlabel, Filament Recordings and En:peg digital and e.p.'s on Boltfish Recordings, Rednetic Recordings, Static Caravan, Smallfish Records, October Man Eecordings, Envizagae, Herb Recordings, Kahvi, Lacedmilk Technologies, Cold Room, Camomille and Subliminal Tape Club.

He also collaborates with Jon Lee as Bal-a-klah-va, with Boltfish co-owner Mint as Biotron Shelf, with Zainetica as Anzio Green and produces subtle ambient releases as Wil Bolton.


Releases, Compilations & Remixes on Boltfish