Artist: Mint
BOLTDIGI022: Switchback
Release date: 30th January 2012
Format: FREE Digital


Mint presents a FREE 3-track release as part of our ongoing digital series.

The release features 3 remixes, details of which are shown below.

This free release is available for download from Last.FM, Bandcamp and


  1. Christa Vi - Long Way Home (Mint's Clockwork Funfair Remix)
  2. Mint - Remote Eyes (Dialog> Electrobeatz Remix)
  3. Reason or Romanza - Pencil Snap (Mint's Epic Remix)

About the artists involved

1. Christa Vi
Christa Vi is an Australian/ German singer songwriter based in East London. Her folky / storytelling style and expression of honesty and emotion finds a home in Mint's organic electronic production. (
The original version of 'Long Way Home' will be released in 2012.

2. Dialog>
Dialog> is the alias of London based producer Andy Smith.
His productions fuse a cinematic, movie soundtrack style with deep-tech and down-tempo electronic beats. (
The original version of 'Remote Eyes' is available on Mint's 2008 album "Binary Counting"

3. Reason or Romanza
Reason or Romanza is a project by London based producer Simon Smith, currently releasing on Civil Music (
The original version of 'Pencil Snap' is currently unreleased.

© The artists/Boltfish Recordings 2011/ 12
Track 1. Mastered by Christopher Leary at Melograf Mastering
Track 2. Mastered by Hermetech
Track 3. Mastered by Murray Fisher
Cover Photo by Gerla Brakkee


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